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17.Apr.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: TuneNet 0.78a
TuneNet, a Music- and Internetradio-player for AmigaOS 4, is now in V0.78a as new Alphaversion available. Note older plugins did not work with this version and must be updated too TuneNet is Freeware.

  • Better play-Optionen: Simple, X-Fade or Gapless
  • Encoder-Plugin-support for recording of Streams in several Formats
  • Shoutcast Broadcasting - relativ simple now, but it works; requires a Encoder
  • Support of Plugins from Developers for several soundformates like XM, S3M, IT, FC, AHX, TFMX - thanks to Per Johansson now are 25 different are available
  • Betterments of the Reaction-GUI
  • Better playing without stops - Tip: changes the player-Prioritšt
  • Repeat of playlists
  • Subsong-support
  • Auto/Manuel-Mixmodus for a better palying of older 4-channel-Module on headphones
  • OpenURL-Requester
tunenet.lha (502 KB)
tuneogg-plug.lha (190 KB)
tunemod-plug.lha (355 KB)
tunemp3_encode.lha (278 KB) (snx) (Translation: aj)

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