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Hagbard (ANF) status update, Breakpoint gallery
"Hagbard" writes: "For quite a long time many parts of the forum have not been visible for guest users, as we have made bad experiences with unregistered users. Whoever wants to have complete access to the forum is asked to create an account, which is quite easy. Further innovations:
  • Our programmer Rene has made an effort to make almost the whole forum Amiga-Brower enabled. Of course also compatible to all other browsers.
  • Our chat system has been updated as well, it has been enlarged and mistakes have been sorted out.
  • A user map for members has been introduced, where members can sign on. The map is, however, still in the beta stage and currently only shows Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Furthermore we are happy to expand our forum with two new subsections. One for the Amiga-Demoscene and another for Amiga game collectors.
  • And last but not least there is a gallery with 206 images (from an Amiga-user's view) of the Breakpoint 2006.

Greetings to all Amiga-users" (cg) (Translation: iw)

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