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01.May 2006

Brennersoftware: Frying Pan 0.4c
After the release of the Addon "CoFFE" ( reports) was also the CD and DVD Burnprogramm Frying Pan from Tomasz Wiszkowski released in a new version.

Changes since version 0.4c:
  • Read & write speeds are set right after the disc is discovered
  • Amiga specific Rockridge extensions appear to work well - enjoy your comments & protection bits
  • Gauge has been updated
  • Contents are now discovered properly on some "incompatible" ROM-drives
  • Writing does not end at 65535% any longer
  • Filerequesters will show you your .info files
  • You can name your drives
  • A requester is displayed when you try to write too much data to your disc
  • No overburning for DVDs allowed
  • You can specify system type for your disc (so you can make a bootable MorphOS disc, too
  • Data is updated after erase operation,
  • MUI4 problem has been fixed
  • You can start FP from an icon
  • Iconifying FP will display its icon instead of default one
(snx) (Translation: aj)

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