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09.May 2006

Burning software: Frying Pan 0.4c update 1
Another minor update of the CD- and DVD-burning program Frying Pan has been released by Tomasz Wiszkowski. It does mainly fix some bugs of the previous 0.4c release.

  • File dates are preserved
  • A tiny menu added - now you can set your FP mui settings
  • In_WAV module added (please note: there is no compression support. assumed file format is: 44kHz, stereo, 16b/ch, little endian)
  • Minor fixes done to the GUI
  • Minor fixes done to the ISO builder
  • I've done my best to make in_MP3 handle regular files a bit better, but libmad has troubles...
Download: FryingPan.lha (1,2 MB) (snx)

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