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Aminet-Uploads until 03.09.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report (excluded of the notifed Uploads of Szene-Group "Up Rough"):
curl.lha                   comm/net    1.0M  OS4  Command line url file transfer
MiamiDX_booster.lha        comm/net      1K  GEN  MiamiDX transfer speed-up boost!
AmiDiction.lha             comm/tcp     38K  OS3  Online Dictionary
A71Mail.lha                comm/www     19K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
IBrowseSP.lha              comm/www     17K  GEN  IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs v2.3.1g
AW06invF.lha               demo/aga    601K  OS3  'ArtWay2006 invitation - Final' by ArtWa
DeathTrialPATCH01.lha      demo/aga     57K  WUP  DeathTrial FixPatch 0.1
eph_bp06.lha               demo/aga    8.2M  OS3  'Lux aetherna lucia eis' by Ephidrena
fettkrem.lha               demo/aga     11M  OS3  'Fettkrem' by Spaceballs
fit-ster.lha               demo/aga    2.4M  OS3  'Stercus Accidit' by FIT
irs-kfix.lha               demo/aga    7.5M  OS3  'Kilofix' by Iris
Requiem.lha                demo/aga    8.1M  OS3  'Requiem' by TBL
sedna.lha                  demo/aga    363K  OS3  'Sedna' by Venom
SnZ_BCMN.lha               demo/aga     59K  OS3  'Brightly Colored Male Niple'
tlu-tdsc.lha               demo/aga    1.4M  OS3  'Tour de Scene' by Tulou
trk-fd.lha                 demo/aga    1.8M  OS3  'Funk Def' by Traktor
va_tfwd.lha                demo/aga    3.4M  PUP  "The Field Where I died" by Venus Art
wish.lha                   demo/aga    1.2M  OS3  'Wish we Were in Italy'
bits500.lha                demo/ecs      6K  OS3  'Merry Christmas 2005' by Bits
LP-SUPER.lha               demo/ecs    496K  OS3  'Superstudio' by La Paz
par-pr31.lha               demo/ecs     35K  OS3  'Premium is 31' by Paradise
rno-armp.lha               demo/ecs     58K  OS3  'Armpit' by RNO
rno-frtc.lha               demo/ecs    403K  OS3  'Fruitcake' by RNO
rno-spac.lha               demo/ecs     91K  OS3  'Spacekitten' by RNO
rnobzm06.lha               demo/ecs    303K  OS3  'Boozembly 2006 invitation' by RNO
dose2_morphos.lha          demo/euro   5.1M  MOS  "dose 2: valetta" by mfx
fit-chrysler.lha           demo/euro   1.0M  MOS  "Chrysler" by Fit & Bandwagon, MOS port
mwi-ndf.lha                demo/euro   6.1M  MOS  "New Dawn Fades" by MWI (MOS-Fix)
mwi-till.lha               demo/euro   7.2M  MOS  "Till I Feel You" by MWI (MorphOS-fixed)
stercus_accidit.lha        demo/euro   2.4M  OS4  Stercus Accidit - a gothic demo
yellow_rose_morphos.lha    demo/file   100K  MOS  "Yellow Rose of Texas" by Fit & Bandwago
3stars.lha                 demo/intro  1.2M  OS3  '3stars' by Ed Sinistar
apt-swap.lha               demo/intro   90K  OS3  'Swaptro 2006' by Apathy               demo/intro   30K  OS3  'Little Star' by Drifters
elc-samh.lha               demo/intro  215K  OS3  'Samhall' by Elcrew               demo/intro    5K  OS3  'Gin Tronic' by Ephidrena and Scarab
LNS-PL.lha                 demo/intro    9K  OS3  'Planet Lonies' a 4k by Loonies
lpstop.lha                 demo/intro    4K  OS3  'LPStop' by Mayhem
mds-mikr.lha               demo/intro   63K  OS3  'Mikrobi' by Moods Plateau
mds-utl.lha                demo/intro  103K  OS3  'Uphold the Law' by Moods Plateau
rno-mi06.lha               demo/intro  393K  OS3  'Motorola Inside 06 Invitation' by RNO
SFL-Q_PA.lha               demo/intro   62K  OS3  'Q' by Software Failure
SQZ_LOAD.lha               demo/intro   80K  OS3  'Happy Birthday Psychotic Loady'
UP-SHFGT.lha               demo/intro  456K  OS3  UP ROUGH "Shadow Fighter", a dentro
UPvsRNO.lha                demo/intro   57K  OS3  UP ROUGH vs RNO "Tyson" a 64k intro
voidsare.lha               demo/intro   19K  OS3  'Voids are Back in Town' by Voids
JP16.lha                   demo/mag    4.0M  OS3  Jurassic Pack #16
VOID-Saxonia3.lha          demo/mag    228K  OS3  Diskmag
Void-Saxonia4.lha          demo/mag    313K  OS3  'Saxonia #4' by Void
VS3_AMI.lha                demo/mag    222K  OS3  'Versus #3' a chartmag by Nukleus
236.lha                    demo/misc   5.4M  MOS  236 a MorphOS demo by Team Power Amiga
AWY-STC.lha                demo/misc   278K  OS3  'Save the Compo' by ArtWay
Fireflies.lha              demo/misc   120K  MOS  FireFlies (MorphOS TinyGL example)
jml-spit.lha               demo/misc   3.9M  MOS  'Spit' by Jumalauta
out3_fin.lha               demo/misc   1.3M  OS3  Out of Style III-Storm Studios/The Sands
S-KPill2.lha               demo/misc   925K  OS3  'Karate Pills 2' by ChitZ0phReNiC
ster_mos.lha               demo/misc   2.3M  MOS  'Stercus Accidit' by Fit
klx-cbdr.lha               demo/slide  190K  OS3  'Cyber Dreams' by Klaxx
AmigaBASIC-Info.lha        dev/basic     6K  OS3  AmigaBASIC on an A600(HD)/A1200(HD).
PcCardDevBas.lha           dev/basic    11K  GEN  Using PcCard library from HBasic
ecx_upd.lha                dev/e       127K  VAR  E Compiler ECX. Update to 1.5.2
fpc-2.0.4.powerpc-mos.lha  dev/lang     13M  MOS  Free Pascal Compiler - MorphOS port
alecos.txt                 docs/anno     1K  GEN  Alecos's Home Page has been moved to...
aros_hd_install_eng.pdf    docs/help   1.0M  GEN  Aros HD Installation Manual [English]
AmigaFuture62.lha          docs/mags   790K  GEN  Great german paper mag preview
bloboats-1.0.1-2-mos.lha   game/race   7.5M  MOS  Kikstart clone: Rescue a ship in distres
righteous_aos4.lha         game/think  2.5M  OS4  A Lumines (PSP) clone! A nice puzzler!
tileworld_aos4.lha         game/think  1.2M  OS4  A clone/remake of Chips Challenge
cyberstorm.lha             gfx/misc    410K  GEN  New skin for Morph OS
pdf417.lha                 gfx/misc    813K  OS3  pdf417 conversion tool (68k)
Sv5Fix180.lha              gfx/misc    184K  VAR  *Fix* for SView5 V1.80 (30.8.2006)
SView5.lha                 gfx/misc    2.4M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
devedie_skin_neko.lha      gfx/show     49K  GEN  Skin for Devedie powered by Neko
GLGlobe.lha                misc/edu    2.4M  MOS  GLGlobe
AmiArcadia.lha             misc/emu    180K  OS3  Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
siem_aos4.lha              misc/emu    319K  OS4  A Space Invaders Arcade Emulator
mi06-mus.lha               mods/misc   2.4M  GEN  All mods from Motorola Inside compo
ANR_modplayer.lha          mus/play    117K  MOS  AmiNetRadio MOD Player
ANR_mpcplayer.lha          mus/play     33K  MOS  AmiNetRadio Musepack MPCPlayer
bsnii-songplayer.lha       mus/play     44K  GEN  Songplayer skin: Blue Space Ninja button
trima-songplayer.lha       mus/play      9K  GEN  Songplayer buttons matching Trima's skin
tuneaac-plug.lha           mus/play     56K  OS4  AAC m4a plugin for TuneNet (Plays IPod f               pix/anim     48M  GEN  UP ROUGH 'Mekka Symposium 2001 report'
AmilordMos01.png           pix/back    295K  GEN  Mos Wallpaper A01
NewAge-Icons.lha           pix/gicon   9.0M  GEN  Realistic, shaded OS3.5/3.9-Icons
UP-FDRAG.lha               pix/illu    113K  GEN  UP ROUGH "Forest Dragon" by Prowler
mi06-gfx.lha               pix/misc    283K  GEN  All graphics from Motorola Inside 2006
UP-PIGNS.lha               pix/misc    648K  GEN  UP ROUGH "Pigeons" by Prowler,
aros-demos-icons.lha       pix/picon   158K  GEN  Aros-Demos Icons
metalslugicon.lha          pix/picon    20K  GEN  A cool Metal Slug icon for MAME (MorphOS
mixed.lha                  pix/picon   244K  GEN  Some Ambient icons
basSkin.lha                pix/theme    89K  GEN  [MorphOS] basSkin
bluechrome.lha             pix/theme   336K  GEN  [MorphOS] Another Skin
bsn-ii.lha                 pix/theme   114K  GEN  [MorphOS] Blue Space Ninja II Skin
IceMOS.lha                 pix/theme    10K  GEN  MorphOS skin
imaz.lha                   pix/theme   115K  GEN  MorphOS Skin
nostalgia.lha              pix/theme   387K  GEN  [MorphOS] AOS 1.x Skin
nunexus.lha                pix/theme    19K  GEN  MorphOS skin
sky.lha                    pix/theme   154K  GEN  [MorphOS] A skin for Ambient
snowskin1.0.lha            pix/theme   250K  GEN  MorphOS Skin
spacestation.lha           pix/theme   755K  GEN  [MorphOS] A skin for Ambient
trimas_skin.lha            pix/theme   662K  GEN  Skin for MorphOS
guideml.lha                text/hyper  146K  VAR  AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI
ispell-arexx.lha           text/misc   3.2M  OS4  Spelling checker with ARexx port
DM_con_LL.lha              util/dir     10K  GEN  DiskMaster config and associated scripts
akPNG-dt.lha               util/dtype  208K  VAR  akPNG-dt V45.50 (PNG, 68000-060/MOS)
WarpPNGdt.lha              util/dtype  211K  VAR  PNG image datatype (68k,OS4,MOS,WOS)
MathLibsUAE.lha            util/libs    44K  OS3  IEEE-libs best for WinUAE +src +bonus r1
acopro.lha                 util/misc     7K  GEN  68881 fpu emulator (source)
WRip_28.lha                util/misc    46K  OS3  rips various pack-formats from Disk/File
AmberRAM.lha               util/sys     59K  OS3  Replacement RAM disk
cpuwatcher.lha             util/wb      18K  OS4  Measures CPU, free mem and net traffic
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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