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06.Sep.2006 (website)

Emulator: PSPUAE 0.54
PSPUAE is a port of the well known Amiga emulator E-UAE for Sony's portable game console PSP. New in version 0.54:
  • Based on e-uae 0.8.29 WIP3
  • Ditched harddrive support to gain speed as I still can't get it to work with WIP3
  • Removed support for serial ports to gain speed
  • Several optimizations to the e-uae code primarily removing stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense on the PSP
  • Added cpu speed option - thanks to FOL
  • Added profiling support
  • Fixed memory issues - now allows 6MB for PSP V1.50 and 5.5MB for PSP V2.00+
  • Should run using kxploit and the eloader (So V1.50 release works with all)
  • Switched middle and right mouse button
  • Fixed screenshot
  • only displays leds for 2 drives as only 2 are enabled (will not accept 4 drives as I have disabled the last 2 for performance reasons)
  • disabled debugging support (can be enabled again it doesnt really make a performance hit)
  • only possible to select valid memory configurations (up to 2 Mb chip, 1.5 Mb bogo and 2.5Mb fast)
  • Fixed keyboard mappings
  • when mapping keyboard keys to psp buttons the behaviour is to keep the key down until the psp button is released.
  • removed 2 drives from the disk menu
  • added msg box for when no kickstart rom is present and also for when changing kickstart roms while using PSPUAE
  • added msg box for when PSPUAE runs out of memory instead of crashing (makes it very hard to crash PSPUAE now)
  • added KickStart 2.04 & 2.05 to the Rom selection menu
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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