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Aminet-Uploads until 10.09.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
CTorrent-mos.lha         comm/net    109K  MOS  Small BitTorrent Client with CTCS Suppor
Epistula_German.lha      comm/net      3K  GEN  German catalog file for Epistula
MakeHTMLMap.lha          comm/www    1.5M  OS3  The Gallery/Onlineshop Creator for Amiga
c64tools_aos4.lha        dev/cross   1.4M  OS4  Covert Bitops C64 Tools
revbump.lha              dev/misc     41K  VAR  A revision bumper with extra fields.
QuickNet_help.txt        docs/help     4K  GEN  Quicknet network card instructions
DC2Lvl-EMine14.lha       game/data   279K  GEN  99 levels for Diamond Caves II
Swapper_Newlevels.lha    game/think    4K  GEN  New levels for Swapper
SView5.lha               gfx/misc    2.4M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
cnetdevice-1.9beta1.lha  hard/drivr  180K  OS3  PCMCIA Network Card driver
FMGPUCCRBRR_aos4.lha     hard/misc    12K  OS4  Make your own Retro Replay ROM
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu    181K  OS3  Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
exo20b4_aos4.lha         misc/emu    733K  OS4  Cruncher for 8bit computers w/ 6502 CPUs
goatninja_aos4.lha       mus/misc     21K  OS4  Conv. Goat Tracker songs to Ninja Tracke
siddump_aos4.lha         mus/misc     42K  OS4  Print SID-chip/note data from a .SID-fil
MorphosGirl.png          pix/back    594K  GEN  MorphOS Wallpaper Girl
akPNG-dt.lha             util/dtype  209K  VAR  akPNG-dt V45.52 (PNG, 68000-060/MOS)
pcx_dt_os4.lha           util/dtype   20K  OS4  PCX picture datatype
ExtraLib.lha             util/libs   332K  OS3  Dynamic buffer system + simple strings
westwoodtool.lha         util/libs    13K  OS3  Library to manage CPS/VCN/VMP PC/Amiga
shorten_os4.lha          util/pack   866K  OS4  Fast, low complexity waveform coder
UnCPS-AGA.lha            util/pack    19K  OS3  Tools to UNPACK/PACK/VIEW CPS/CMP/VCN/VM
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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