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16.Oct.2006 Uploads until 15.10.2006
Uploads on since our last report:
libtinysdgl.lha          dev/lib  315kb  TinyGL software renderer.
amisynergyc.lha          net/mis  109kb  An Amiga OS4 Synergy Client
screentoback.lha         uti/scr   17kb  A Shell command to push the frontmost sc
allocmem.lha             uti/she   18kb  A Shell command to reduce memory availab
aorganiser.lha           off/mis  249kb  AOrganiser - Diary
samplayer.lha            aud/mis  125kb  SAM Synthesizer program
ipodnanotunenetskin.lha  aud/pla    8kb  iPod Nano TuneNet skin
sdkbrowser.lha           dev/uti   82kb  AmigaOS4 SDK Browsing Utility [v1.5.0.0 
patolli.lha              gam/boa    8Mb  Turn-based Aztec/Mayan game
ib_youtube.lha           net/bro    3kb  Play YouTube videos from IBrowse
sdljump.lha              gam/pla    7Mb  A Platform game, that is a clone of Xjum
cinepaint_cygnix.lha     gra/edi    9Mb  Deep paint manipulation and image proces
gimp_cygnix.lha          gra/edi   10Mb  GNU Image Manipulation Program
sdlmail.lha              net/ema  126kb  A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer
xfce_cygnix.lha          uti/fil   14Mb  Lightweight desktop environment
vim_cygnix.lha           uti/tex    8Mb  Advanced text editor
makemountlist.lha        uti/she    6kb  Creates MountList entry for devices
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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