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Aminet: Status-Update December 2006
Press release: The calm season has come again. But while other people are preparing Christmas we still have improved Aminet further:

The search function now allows to search through archives: If you are looking for some certain library or header-file you can go to Advanced Search -> Contents.

Additional to the download statistics now the figures of the downloads are shown - you can now sort your search results by popularity!

Searching through the readme-files was accelerated and besides this the standard search function was extended so you can now specify path names: Just like the old Aminet search function "quake game/shoot" now shows only results from this directory.

The Web-based Upload-Interface was completely revised. Uploader can choose if you want to upload a written readme or if you would rather enter the information in a formular.

With an American mirror is available again. You can access only via HTTP.

Additionally there are many improvements and minor bug fixes. Please have a look at Changelog for further details.

A last note: In 2006 we had more uploads than in 2005, 2004 and 2003 - even in 1992 as the Aminet started we had not so many uploads. Currently we need only 130 uploads to reach 2002.

The Aminet-Team (cg) (Translation: dr)

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