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MorphOS-Team: Update of the JIT-compiler Trance
A new version of the Just-In-Time Compiler Trance has been released for MorphOS 1.4.5. The changes since the previous release are:
  • Fixed a bug that would make certain IBrowse CPU versions crash (at least IBrowse 2.3 and 2.4)
  • Some SAS/C float/double integer calculation fixes (lsd/asd X flag). For example, the integer version of IBrowse's javascript.library
  • Addx/Subx with predecrement was fixed. These instructions are very rare, but could be used for some multiprecision math
  • Trancestats has been updated to work properly with the latest MUI versions
In order to install Trance v50.12 (09.12.2006) on your MorphOS system, please download the update from the MorphOS download portal or FTP server. Then, follow these steps:
  • Copy MorphOS/C/trance to MOSSYS:C/
  • Copy MorphOS/Libs/trance.library to MOSSYS:Libs/
  • Copy Utilities/Trancestats SYS:Utilities/
  • Reboot
The MorphOS Team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a Great New Year! (snx)

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