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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

AfA: Second beta version of Zune port AOZ
Bernd Roesch still has published a second beta version.

The new AOZ-promoter can now move tasks which were started by the Shell. If the promoter window is open (Ctrl+Shift+Z) all tasks are displayed which tries to access MUI. So it is easier to find the task name of the program which is to be moved. You have to copy the promoter to the WBStartup folder.

Please take care that you will not move the task ramlib if you want to continue using MUI (otherwise some MUI-programs may crash).

From this version on you can find a FAQ file where it is described how you can continue running programs under Zune (Scalos is the only program which is known).

The installer now copies the MUI classes Speedbar, MCPFrame, Filelist and Hotkeystring. If you have not installed these classes so far and do not require them nevertheless you can accept the corresponding message of the installer - AOZ will be installed correctly.

The repeated drawing has been fixed which mainly slowed down YAM and SimpleMail.

MUIM_Application_NewInput has been introduced as new function which makes other programs working - e.g. Voodoo-X. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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