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04.Mar.2007 (Web page)

Thor: ARexx script 1.3 is an ARexx script for the offline reader Thor, which attempts to recover damaged databases.

The script was created after an error had occurred at the author, which could not be repaired by ValidateThor, and which led to crash when trying to open a discussion.

Improvements in version 1.3:
  • Fix a bug introduced in v1.2 (or was it v1.1 ?) where a missing "end" instruction in the main loop made the script unusable
  • will now warn you if Thor is running (Thor must not be running), and if BBSread was previously used and still loaded in memory
  • will no more verbose that a message marked as deleted is skipped (this is to save the size of the output from results which are not very informative anyway)
  • The script will now warn if a text line length in the body of a message is longer than 32767 characters (Due to a bug in the Visual Options-Messages Links, Thor may crash the system while trying to display a message containing a too long unwrapped line)
  • The BBS list order and the conference list order are now preserved
  • The "read" (or "unread") status of the messages is now preserved too
(snx) (Translation: cad)

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