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07.Mar.2007 (website)

IRC client: Wookiechat 2.6 Beta 5
James Carroll provides a new beta version of his MUI based IRC client Wookiechat for AmigaOS 3/4. Changes in beta 5:
  • BETA 1: Made sure all commands in "Connect Scripts" operate in the right tab when connecting to a few servers simultaneously
  • BETA 1: Tab memory and objects used to be freed after closing WookieChat, but now I'm starting to clean up memory as soon as a tab is closed. Very handy on machines with small amounts of RAM (like my 6mb A1200!)
  • BETA 1: If Wookie is unable to automatically obtain your own address for use in establishing DCC connections, you can now manually specify an address yourself in the prefs. (Main Settings > DCC)
  • BETA 2: Slight modification: "Connect scripts" are executed in the root tab
  • BETA 2: When you connect, the "001" server message is displayed in full and in the root tab. This message contains your hostname, or what the IRC server thinks is your hostname
  • BETA 2: Added sanity checks to the gethostbyname() calls, so that if your address value is invalid for some reason, it wont crash
  • BETA 2: Rejiggered the "close tab" code. It was crashing when closing multiple channels in a particular sequence
  • BETA 3: Attempted to fix crashes when doing "cursor up/down" quickly in tabs
  • BETA 4: New tab system. Optionally, you can display tab names in a listview under the nicklist, instead of using buttons along the bottom of the window. This system is ideal for users with lots of tabs open. Toggle this setting at "Main Settings > General"
  • BETA 4: All info from /whois replies are displayed in the right colour and with «Whois» at the start now
  • BETA 4: Wallop messages, usually from server admins talking to each other, are now displayed correctly
  • BETA 4: You can comment out lines in your Connect Scripts with ; at the beginning of each line
  • BETA 4: Bugfix: No longer crashes if you had more than 40 ignores in your list
  • BETA 5: The button-style tabs/listview-style tabs toggling wasnt working properly I'm very sorry for this.. it seems to be working well now

Direct download: wookiechat2_6beta5_7thmarch2007.lha (767 KB) (cg) (Translation: ub)

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