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Event: PUSH 2007.1 (Gothenburg)
Press release The number one alternative computer event in west of Sweden, PUSH, will be held this year in June. The doors will open Friday 15th June at 20:00 and we go on until Sunday 17th at 15:00.

The party is open to everyone running alternative operating systems. The PUSH building is a Windows Free Zone.

The news for this year is that we lower the entrance fee, instead of going with the inflation. The new fee is 140 SEK for pre-registered attendees and 240 SEK if you show up unregistered.

We will be at the same place as previous years - at Wartagården in Gothenburg. More information and driving directions are available on the PUSH website.

If you are interested in visiting PUSH we would like you to pre-register at the PUSH website. The registration is not binding at all. If you don't come we won't charge you a single öre. It is just to make it a little easier for us to know how many visitors we must prepare for.

More information will follow closer to the event, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail. (snx)

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