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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

AROS for AmigaOS: Updates to icon.library and picture.datatype for AfA
Bernd Roesch has released updates to icon.library as well as to picture.datatype for his AmigaOS port of AROS components, "AROS for AmigaOS" (AfA).

With these, it is now possible to employ the Workbench plugin Eastern for generating thumbnail icons under AfA as well (reported by

To this end, the icon.library now supports "globalidentify hook," which is required by Eastern as well as by DefIcons. Additionally, the version was changed to V51 and AmigaOS 4 compatibility for reading and writing 24 bit icon data was added.

Version 1.5 of Eastern is required, in addition, when using cache, the Raw option must be set.

The new picture.datatype now supports scaling in the function DT_Readpixelarray, which is also required by Eastern. Also, more 8 bit ILBM images are displayed correctly on a "classic" Amiga with Picasso 96 or CyberGraphX.

Moreover, in 32 and 24 bit images on 16 bit screens, a dithering takes place, so that color gradients as in the original picture.datatype are not visible. In this regard, the author Thilo Köhler thanks for the source code.

The update is rounded off with an extension to the FAQ collection for Eastern and the picture.datatype under CyberGraphX on Amiga computers.

Download: iconlibForEastern_finalbeta.lha (131 KB) (snx) (Translation: cad)

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