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Ralf Steines (ANF)

Back to the Roots V2.41 - Patch Level 2
Below, Ralf Steines summarizes the recent developments at Back to the Roots:

Fred Fish Memorial Archive:

Now two weeks have passed since we opened our tribute page to Fred Fish, which went a successfull burn-in-test for our new server: During the last 2 weeks our main server delivered 25.000 CD images, most of them Fred Fish CDs!

The memorial archive grew to 3 times its initial size, thanks to the numerous people who contributed missing material! There's still quite some stuff missing, so please check your collections and consider contributing, especially the Frozen Fish and the Geek Gadget Snapshot CDs. Thanks!

Geek Gadgets FTP Mirror:

Since we mirrored daily, to 26.Aug.2004 when it went down we have the latest copy of it online, which we consider the master site from now on.

We will exctend it with any snapshots and improved versions we could get hold of to at least provide an up to date archive of this (currently?) sleeping project. We will happily give anyone interested to continue and maintain it full control over it.

Geek Gadgets Reloaded:

Since the FTP is only a part of the project we digged out a copy of the Geek Gadgets master site, originally hosted at

We started reconstructing and updating the master site of it. The site got a handy subdomain and all missing package documents will be added with time. We call this preservation side project Geek Gadgets Reloaded and will happily handle control over to a new maintainer. full mirror:

We finally finished a years old plan to have a fullmirror of the huge archive online on our FTP. Due to storage space limits we only had a partial mirror, which we fixed now, so we now have an official full mirror. Big thanks go to Cygnus^Amigascne for being such an easy guy.

Enjoy the enormous collection of about 10GB of Amiga scene output. Even if you're used to browse huge archives you will surely get lost once you dive in there!

Faces of Mars Archive:

Another years old plan we already started long ago finally gets realised: An online version of the Faces of Mars disk series and FreeCDs offering all releases for download at no cost.

This project is still work in process, but since most FreeCDs are already online, we decided to release it, so you may all help filling the gaps. We still have no FOM disk above #336, so please check your PD CDs for FOM disks 337-500+ to finish the collection. Thanks.

Amidemos Master Site:

While we were updating our FTP we stumbled across the FTP mirror of robotriot's project, a collection of Amiga demos transcoded to DIVX / AVI video format.

We updated our mirror from the archive but noticed that quite some videos were missing. So we digged in backup copies until we recreated most of the collection, only Kah835gb by Madwizards and Raybong by Loveboat are missing. If you have any of these videos from amidemos collection then please upload it to our anon upload ftp so we can finish the new Amidemos Master Site. Thanks!

FlatDisk Modules FTP:

The Flatdisk Modules Archive (FDMA) by FlatRich of FlatDisk Softworks is a collection of over 5600 mods, collected in the years 1992-1999. We host this archive since a while, including per collection year ModRadio channels. We added it now to our FTP server too, offering you a convenient way for mass downloading it.

Please enjoy, yours BTTR team! (snx)

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