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28.Jan.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: ffmpegGUI 1.1
ffmpegGUI is a grafical user interface for the Video-Converter ffmpeg (Screenshot). New in Version 1.1:
  • Added tab for support of video cropping, padding and pad color commands
  • Fixed start offset (-ss) command so it is correctly issued before the input file (-i) option
  • Added checkbox to turn on and off gadget help. Off by default
  • Adjusted "Output Format:" label spacing
  • Modified VCD, SVCD, DVD, predefined setups to use 2 channel (stereo) audio by default
  • Modified save and load settings to support the new commands
  • Modified load settings to support proper loading of old settings files
  • Moved predefined saved setups into a new directory under settings directory
  • Added routine to capture ffmpeg output. Thanks to "Ami603" for generic function
  • Added code to display formatted ffmpeg output in a list gadget displayed in a new tab (Not activiated yet due to issues with ffmpeg's output)
  • Added ability to identify if input file video is mpeg1 (mpeg1video)
  • Modified PAD gadgets to disallow setting which will cause ffmpeg to crash when video is mpeg1
  • Added 'k' to video and audio bitrate values to make compatable with new and old versions of ffmpeg

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