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Amiga Future (Webseite)

MorphOS: otrMUI 1.1
Thomas Igracki has published a new version of otrMUI. It is a graphical user-interface for the decoder of which is a free service which records tv films.

  • Fix: Doesn't unghost the remove, up, down and play buttons after one file was decoded (because I activate the next entry in the listview)
  • New: The listview now has some more columns: "Status", "Name", "Date", "Starttime", "Channel", "Duration", "Format", "File", "Filesize" both video (.otrkey) and music (.omrkey) files are supported
  • Fix: If you drop files from Ambient into otrMUI, the list had refresh problems, because I didn't set MUIA_List_Quiet to FALSE after inserting files...
  • New: Added some up/down buttons to sort the order of the files, because mouse-drag-sort doesn't work here!?
  • Change: Removed the "+" button, it's useless, because the files get automatically inserted after you selected them in the popup req
  • New: The popup req only show "*.otrkey" and "*.omrkey" files
  • New: Only files which match "*.o[m/t]rkey" are inserted into the list
  • In the popup-req a requester appears if the file isn't supported; when you drop a file via Ambient, the warning message is displayed in the status list
  • New: Added a "Music Archive" and "Video Archive" tab, not yet functional
  • Fix: The "-", "up", "dn" button are now also disabled if no entry is selected
  • New: The input string gadget is now set to the BasePath if no entry is selected
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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