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AROS: Murks! IDE 0.6.0
Murks! IDE is an integrated devlopment environment for AROS (screenshot). The project files are compatible with AmiDevCpp. Changes in version 0.6.0:
  • supports C++ projects!
  • Murks!IDE compiles Murks!IDE
  • auto save when building
  • show if file was edited
  • open/create new project without closing Murks!IDE
  • remove unit from project
  • add existing (on disk) unit to project
  • redirect compiler output to separate console
  • save project as... option
  • Murks!IDE sourcecode added as an example Project

Murks!-IDE 0.6.0 requires one of the "Nightly Builds" of AROS which is older than 29th march 2008. For installing the package you only have to extract the archive to the harddrive.

If you have bug reports or suggestions then please tell it the author on the corresponding project site at


Murks! IDE 0.6.0
Murks! IDE 0.6.0 Lite (ohne C/C++-Compiler)
C/C++ Compiler package (is required by Murks! IDE Lite)
Murks! IDE Sources (cg) (Translation: dr)

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