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WHDLoad: New packages until 16.04.2008
With WHDLoad you can install games and scene demos to your harddrive which originally were meant only for use with disks. Additionally several incompatibilities with newer Amiga models were fixed.

The following installers have been added, updated or improved since our last message:
  • 13.04.08 improved: Foundation's Waste (Exocet Software) supports another version (Info)
  • 13.04.08 improved: Explora / Chrono Quest (Infomedia/Psygnosis) freeze in credit intro removed, icon added (Info)
  • 04.04.08 improved: Midnight Resistance (Ocean) made working on uae, icons and docs added (Info)
  • 03.04.08 improved: Cybernoid (Hewson) 2nd joystick button support, trainer added (Info)
  • 01.04.08 improved: Apidya (Kaiko) fixed some access faults (Info)
  • 27.03.08 updated: Spherical (Rainbow Arts) rewritten, supports another version, many changes (Info)
  • 27.03.08 new: Advanced Destroyer Simulator (Futura) done by JOTD (Info)
  • 26.03.08 new: Swords & Galleons (Idea Software) done by Dr Cinicus (Info)
  • 24.03.08 new: Grand Prix Circuit (D.S.I) done by JOTD (Info)
  • 24.03.08 improved: Hard Drivin' (Domark) supports racing masters compilation version, new icons (Info)
  • 24.03.08 improved: Apidya (Kaiko) can now enter bonus rounds while invulnerable (Info)
  • 24.03.08 new: Reunion (Grandslam) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 16.03.08 improved: Ruff'n'Tumble (Renegade) supports 2 button joystick, slave rewritten (Info)
  • 16.03.08 improved: Hybris (Discovery Software) supports NTSC version again, support for 2nd joystick button (Info)
  • 15.03.08 new: Foundation's Waste (Exocet Software) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 12.03.08 updated: Unreal (Ordilogic Systems/UBI-Soft) new imager, slave rewritten, misc fixes, new icons and install script (Info,Image)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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