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Aminet-Uploads until 05.05.2008
These are the latest uploads to Aminet which have been added since our last message:
FussballBundesliga.lha  biz/misc     32K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
S0S_001.lha             demo/sound  503K    OS3   System Of Sound #1 by An4kiR & cTrix
Blitz_RT.lha            dev/basic    23K    OS3   "reqtools.library" dev kit for Blitz
Blitz_XAD.lha           dev/basic    31K    OS3   "xadmaster.library" dev kit for Blitz
PAR_ARexx.lha           dev/src       6K    OS3   PAR: access using the SIMPLEST of ARexx
TilesSlide.lha          game/actio   71K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour
FlagSim1.lha            gfx/3d      241K    MOS   Texture Mapping and Backface Culling
GSGui_languages.lha     gfx/conv     26K    GEN   Langage pack for GSGui
551conv_asm.lha         misc/emu     12K    GEN   Source code for 551conv
AmiArcadia.lha          misc/emu    573K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
Just_a_try.lha          mods/house  424K    GEN   .xm mod made by Pseudaxos (29/04/2008)
Fusion_Let_s_Rock.lha   mods/xm     421K    GEN   .xm Format
tunemikmod_plug.lha     mus/play    219K    OS4   LibMikMod based plugin for TuneNet
tuneptplay_plug.lha     mus/play     12K    OS4   ptplay.library based TuneNet plugin
guideml.lha             text/hyper  190K    VAR   AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI
f-req.lha               util/batch   12K    OS3   A "RequestFile" like program for 1.x+
molib.lha               util/cli      4K    VAR   load/lock libs so they cant be flushed
scr_dt.lha              util/dtype   83K    OS4   Spectrum/Timex SCR/SCREEN$ datatype
ptplaylib_os4.lha       util/libs    51K    OS4   play/decode protracker modules
MakeCD_MP3-Cover.lha    util/misc    49K    OS3   Creates Covers from .mcd Files/MP3 Dirs
Set68kCPU.lha           util/misc     9K    OS4   Change type of 68k CPU reported by OS4
sysflush-morphos.lha    util/misc     6K    MOS   SysFlush (MorphOS system flush)
ARexxMD5.lha            util/rexx     4K    GEN   All in ARexx MD5 algorithm
DCF-77-mos.lha          util/time    49K    VAR   Radio clock receiver, clock, time signal
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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