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31.May 2008
naTmeg (ANF)

MorphOS: VLC 0.8.6f beta 6
Rupert Hausberger has published an update of his MorphOS-port of the media player VLC.

Changes in version 0.8.6f beta 6:
  • Added MorphOS OpenGL (TinyGL) provider module
  • Added freetype-module, and so ttf-OSD text
  • Added modplug-module for all kind of tracker-mods (untested)
  • Improved all MorphOS modules. Combined functions, made things using less space and memory
  • Enabled aspect-ratio- and corp-cycling when pressing 'a' or 'c'
  • Prepared source for a MUI interface module
Download: vlc-0.8.6f-morphos_beta6.lha (7 MB, Readme) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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