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Thorsten Mampel (ANF)

Ninth Amiga-Meeting Nord in Bad Bramstedt
Thorsten Mampel, first chairman of the ACH association, writes: The Amiga-Club Hamburg and Amiga-Club Schleswig-Holstein are proud to announce the 9th "Amiga-Meeting Nord" in Bad Bramstedt, Germany. (Bad Bramstedt is about 50 km away from Hamburg) This meeting is for every "Amiga" User and starts on Friday 31th October (Users of Amiga-compatible systems like MOS, AROS... are welcome too !) The event is located at the Hotel Tanneneck in Bad Bramstedt. In the last years the Meeting became one of the biggest Amiga events in northern Germany. Up to 40 users can bring their computers and use it in an generously room of the hotel. They can connect to a LAN with internet access.

Some of the agenda items that are planned:
  • scene demo and movie presentations on a video projector
  • private market for used hard- and software
  • presentations of up-to-date Amiga developments
  • making a "party-cd" by the users
  • Local Area Network with internet access
  • webcam and much more...
The most important thing is always having fun! If the developers want to present their products to the Amiga community on the event, a special price is offered for the meeting. 65 EURO instead of 82 EUR or 32,50 instead of 41 EURO (see "costs" below...) Please feel free and contact Thorsten Mampel for more detail informations. Amiga users can sign up under the title link or directly with Norbert Kapahnke with the phone number +49 04192/500071.

  • from Friday to Sunday (the entire meeting), including hotel room, two dinners and breakfast for 82 EURO
  • from Friday to Saturday or Saturday to Sunday (two days), including hotel room, one dinner and breakfast for 41 EURO
  • one day without any accommodation as a daily guest for 5 EURO
(snx) (Translation: cad)

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