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05.Jun.2008 (Webseite)

Black Belt Systems: Amiga-Software available for free
Ben Williams who is the author of the software of Black Belt Systems has made available his Amiga programs for free.

Only two programs are missing: Notebook and FlexOS-Emulator. The last mentioned one was part of the Amiga-Format-CD 17. If anyone has got one of these programs then please contact the member Rabbi.

These programs are already available:
  • ImageMaster 1.60 with plugins
  • ApAssist
  • AVT 5.50 (Amiga Video Terminal for the AVT-hardware of AEA)
  • Board Master 1.19 (PCB-software)
  • Digital Soup (virtual life)
  • JakeBoard (software for handicapped persons)
  • TalkBoard (software for handicapped persons)
There is now a succeeding commercial version of the picture editing program ImageMaster for Windows. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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