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01.Aug.2008 (Webseite)

Graphic program: PerfectPaint WIP 010808 beta (update)
Marco "Blackbird" Möring has published an update of the graphic program PerfectPaint. Changes in this version:
  • a Hotfix for The Imagepanel
  • a fix for the Loadbrush-command
  • Fixes for the Rexx-Scripts for loading and saving AnimGIF, loading and saving GIF pictures

If you want to install the latest WIP-version ("Work in Progress") first the complete distribution PfP-Usertestarchiv.lha from December 2007 is required which then is updated with the current beta archive.


PfP-Usertestarchiv.lha (7,6 MB)
PfP-WIPupdate310708.lha (1,5 MB)

Update: (16:37, 03.08.08, snx)
Meanwhile there is another update PfP-WIPupdate010808.lha (642 KB) available which fixes a bug of the drag-and-drop-function. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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