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19.Aug.2008 (Webseite)

Chiptune-Tracker: Hively-Tracker 1.5 for AmigaOS 3/4
HivelyTracker is a tracker based on the AHX-format (screenshot). AHX was developed in the 90ies to write music tracks which are similar to the typical Chip-Sound of SID (sound chip of the C64). Changes sine version 1.4:
  • A parameter in the undo system was declared as a signed byte instead of a signed word, which meant that some song parameters got corrupted when they went over 127. Editing songs over 127 positions long was buggered, for example. Can't believe i didn't spot this until now :(
  • Added Protracker mod import. Just like the one in AHX, it simply strips out all PT commands that are not equivalent to AHX ones, and all instruments are set to a simple tone, so you'll still have a lot of work to do to make it sound nice.
  • Added a size optimisation feature. It removes all unused instruments, and duplicate tracks. If you click with the right mousebutton, it'll additionally try and use the transpose column to remove tracks which are the same but transposed. However it doesn't know if sounds continue after the newly transposed track so you may have to manually fix any problems with that afterwards. Both modes keep the original version and open a new tab with the optimise version so you won't lose your work if it messes up. Both modes also use track 0 as the empty track as AHX and HVL both make smaller files if that is the case, however, if there are no empty tracks in the module, it won't keep track 0 blank unnecessarily.
  • Added a new command! When "EF1" is placed on or after the last note in a track, the "transpose" value for that channel will be preserved until another note is played in the channel. This overrides the default AHX/HVL behaviour, which is to switch to the next transpose value as soon as the next position is reached.
  • '=' now does row preview, like enter does in protracker
  • '-' now toggles horizontal advance in the position editor
  • Added "posedadvance", "notejump" and "inotejump" fields to the ht.prefs file. They don't show up in the prefs window, though, so you have to edit them manually (run hively 1.5 and quit it to make them show up in the file). "posedadvance" is either 0 or 1. When set to 0, horizontal advance is disabled by default. "defnotejump" is 0 to 9, and sets the default notejump in the pattern editor. "definotejump" is the same for the instrument editor.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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