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22.Dec.2008 Uploads until 21.12.2008
These are the latest uploads to which have been added since our last message:
amisounded.lha           aud/edi  114kb  32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
amisounded_german.lha    aud/edi    1kb  German catalog file for AmiSoundEd v0.11
amuse.lha                aud/pla  526kb  Last.FM client and collection browser fo
bonk_dt.lha              dat/sou  172kb  Bonk sound datatype
wavpack_dt.lha           dat/sou  432kb  WavPack (.wv) datatype
libharu.lha              dev/lib    2Mb  Free PDF Library
gperf.lha                dev/uti  422kb  Generates perfect hash functions
vice.tgz                 emu/com    9Mb  VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator
fuse-utils.lha           emu/uti    1Mb  Spectrum emulator utilities
wesnoth.lha              gam/str  140Mb  Battle for Wesnoth (stable version)
netsurf.lha              net/bro    3Mb  Fast CSS capable web browser
nsaddressbook.lha        net/bro    1Mb  An Address Book and Quick Links Panel fo
owb.lha                  net/bro   11Mb  Origyn Web Browser (Doduo)
amicygnix-base-src.lha   net/mis   12Mb  Sources of the AmiCygnix base package
amicygnix-base.lha       net/mis   77Mb  AmiCygnix, an Unix environment for Amiga
amicygnix-tools-src.lha  net/mis    3Mb  Sources of the AmiCygnix tools package
amicygnix-tools.lha      net/mis   48Mb  Extension package for AmiCygnix, an Unix
amicygnix-x11-src.lha    net/mis   63Mb  Sources of the basic X11 system of AmiCy
abiword-src.lha          off/wor    6Mb  Sources of AbiWord 2.6.2 and related lib
abiword.lha              off/wor   39Mb  AbiWord 2.6.2 for AmiCygnix
unrar-bin.lha            uti/arc  177kb  Unpacks RAR files
unrar-src.lha            uti/arc  164kb  Unpacks RAR files, source archive
amidisk.lha              uti/fil    3Mb  File manager
hfinder.lha              uti/fil  585kb  Tool to search files in your hard disks
aminetreadme.lha         uti/tex   50kb  Aminet .readme creator
users_and_groups.lha     uti/wor   54kb  users and groups config tool
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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