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Database: MUIbase 2.7
Steffen Gutmann has published an update of his database MUIbase. Changes in version 2.7:
  • Implemented quick search for user functions popups
  • Merged settings for updating virtual attributes ('On different record' and 'On dependent change') into one setting 'Auto update'
  • New 'Enabled' setting for attributes and window buttons: 'Always enabled' 'Disabled in initial', and 'Compute enabled' with optional compute function
  • Changing the active line in a list of a virtual attribute causes the update of objects depending on the attribute. This allows e.g. to enable or disable buttons depending on the active list entry
  • GETDISABLED, SETDISABLED, GETWINDOWDISABLED and SETWINDOWDISABLED are now obsolete. When an obsolete functions is called, it can be ignored silently, a warning can be generated, or an error be reported
  • Command strings for external editor and view can contain '%p' which is replaced by the name of the public screen MUIbase has been opened (Amiga only)
  • New function for programming: PUBSCREEN which returns the name of the public screen MUIbase is running on or NIL if the screen is not public. On Linux and Windows, PUBSCREEN always returns NIL.
  • The window dimensions of structure editor, query editor and program editor are now also remembered on Windows and Linux
  • Improved handling of illegal UTF-8 sequences and codeset conversion errors
  • Several bug fixes

The MUIbase distribution contains ports for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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