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09.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

Instant Messenger: Jabberwocky 1.8b7 (Beta)
Jabberwocky is a MUI-based Instant-Messaging-Client which can access different Messenging-Networks (e.g. AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo) with so called server moduls. Jabberwocky is available for AmigaOS 3 and 4 and the MorphOS-version will follow soon.

Changes since the last beta version:
  • Added NFloattext.mcc to the reuirements listed in the Jabberwocky guide.
  • Added alternative check for TextInput.mcc if vapor_toolkit.library is missing. Textinput.mcc crashes if checked by MUI without the vapor_toolkit.library installed and available.
  • Added a check for the presence of NFloattext.mcc so Jabberwocky won't crash if it's missing.
  • Updated OS4 makefiles and Jabberwocky include files to compile with new OS4 SDK (Now defaults to linking with newlib.library instead of clib2).
  • Corrected the asynchronous command execution for OS4 to prevent unwanted closing of error output filehandle. (Doesn't apply to OS3 or MOS)
  • Improved sourcecode by eliminating some unused variables, adding function prototypes, correcting some character declarations, making type casting corrections & added some missing default function return values.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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