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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Catalog compiler: SimpleCat 3.16
Guido Mersmann wrote: SimpleCat is a program for creating and managing localization files (screenshot). It is not a new program but it exists since the publishing of AmigaOS 2.1 and the Locale-System - though for 16 years.

Version 1 was still completely written in assembler while version 2 was completely new written with a lot of improvements. With version 3 the complex internal concept was lifted to a new level and has got a MUI user-interface. Since version 3 SimpleCat is also part of the developing environment CubicIDE.

SimpleCat is useful for users who want to fix bugs in the catalogs or want to make a translation as well as for developers who want to edit all catalogs of a project. Convenient import and export functions are available which can be used with the Shell (e.g. makefile) or the GUI.

By deviding the developer form the translation modus the simple translator gets those possibilities which are necessary for his work. With a search function it is possible to find certain texts.

There is a big advantage for developers. All catalog files can be managed in one file. If an entry should be deleted then the developer does not have to edit every single catalog file but can delete the corresponding text from the catalogscript-file (.cs). This applies as well for adding or changing labels. There is also the localization wizard which almost automatically locates a source code and then creates fitting localization entries.

With version 3.16 the GUI-part of SimpleCat now left the beta status because all functions were completely implemented and tested. An AmigaOS 4-version does not work and because I cannot test it I decided to leave out this version. Perhaps anybody can make available a version of OS 4 for the Pegasos2. This could be of use for the others projects. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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