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Software-News until 12.03.2009


WBRSS written by Diego "DCR8520" Casorran is a little RSS-reader which displays RSS-Feeds in a scrolling window. You can also change the window preferences.



The MUI-based AISSTBC ("AISS Toolbar Creator") is supposed to support developers creating button menus: With drag'n drop you can configure and save whole button menus from AISS-pictures.


NZBGet 0.5.1

NZBGet downloads binary files from the Usenet with the help of the NZB-standard. The Amiga-version was created by Diego "DCR8520" Casorran.


Text viewer: EvenMore 0.66-11.03.09

The latest version of the text viewer EvenMore includes the following changes:
  • Fixed a bug which meant only files up to 65536 lines could be displayed. File loading should also be faster now
  • Plugin code on opening file had broken the loading of XPK files
  • Fixed bug which caused the plugin preferences not to be saved if you used the gadget to open the preference window.
  • Fixed bug which caused a file handle to be freed twice if reading failed.
  • Added "Launch exe" option to the Generic Prefs plugin. Enabling this option will allow the updated Generic2Text plugin to launch an executable file from EvenMore if the user tries to load it.
  • Dir2Text plugin will no longer try to sort an empty directory.
  • Added a / in the Dir2Text directory listing to allow you to move to the parent directory.

Amiga Future: New full versions

The download section of the Amiga Future was completed with further full versions, manuals, magazines and similar things. Additionally several descriptions screenshots of downloads were updated. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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