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13.Mar.2009 (Webseite)

OnyxSoft: CodeAudio 3.0 / Homepage reworked
On the occasion of the 14th anniversary the OnyxSoft-Team reworked its homepage. Additionally the user-interface CodeAudio - formerly known as TheMPegEncGUI - was published in version 3.0.

  • An MP3 encoding Wizard has been added which makes it easier than ever before to make high quality MP3 files in no time
  • Added support for Flac, the free lossless audio codec
  • Updated locale catalogs for German, Italian, Spanish
  • Works on MorphOS with MUI 4
  • Restructured every encoder GUI that had more than one page and turned them into virtual groups
  • Made it possible to drop directories on the list window and the Wizard
  • Updated to the latest Lame executables for all systems on the auto-update server
  • AutoUpdate should work in E-UAE/Linux now
  • Should not try to locate the CD drive at startup everytime now. Also enhanced the CD detection code a lot so it works on MorphOS and WinUAE
  • Better installation of FreeDB
  • Uninstall options for CDDB and FreeDB if they were installed by TheMPegEncGUI/CodeAudio
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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