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06.May 2009 (Webseite)

Game: BOH-Update
The commercial game BOH ( reported) was updated and is now available for Mac OS X as well.

  • Makes the game run natively on MacOS X Tiger/Leopard machines
  • Adds zooming to full screen modes
  • Allows the choice of the screen mode among those notified by the system
  • Replaces zooming routines with more optimized ones (especially 3x and 4x)
  • Adds the possibility of disabling interpolation (for slow computers)
  • Adds the possibility of disabling the rendering of barriers
  • Improves a bit the original themes
  • Enriches slightly the Evil Masters AI
  • Adds timer ticking during time-limited missions
  • Adds map zooming
  • Adds the option of sorting missions by difficulty
  • Allows the use of joypads/joysticks with just 1 button
  • Fixes the following bugs:
    • Bad joypad handling (detection was inhibited by a '2' in place of a '1'; sometimes up/down movement could stick)
    • [PAGE UP/DOWN] handling (repeat delay handling was missing)
    • A bad optimization of ray-tracing routine (which had no practical effects thanks to the way maps and themes were made)
  • Improves and extends the user's manual
  • Links the AmigaOS 4 version to libSDL 1.2.13
  • Applies some other minor changes
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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