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HelmutH (ANF)

ACube Systems: Hollywood-Bundle for new and old Sam-customers
Press release:
Bassano del Grappa, 08. Mai 2009

ACube Systems is pleased to team up with Airsoft Softwair to create the exclusive "Sam goes to Hollywood" bundle for our customers. The Sam range of motherboards and Hollywood put AmigaOS 4.1 back to the highest levels of multimedia experience.

"Sam goes to Hollywood" special bundle allows the customers of a Sam or Sam Flex board to have Hollywood 4 at the exceptional price of only 59,00 EUR (normal price 79 EUR) or Hollywood 4 + Designer 2.1 for 99,00 EUR (normal price 139 EUR).

The bundle will be available for current owners of a Sam board and with the purchase of a new Sam440ep or Sam440 Flex board, please note that only AmigaOS 4 binaries are on the Hollywood CD but it is possible to create projects for all supported platforms. This bundle will be available until 1st october 2009. Customers who already bought a Sam board should contact ACube Systems with their Sam serial number.

For more info about Hollywood 4 and other Airsoft Softwair products please visit: (cg) (Translation: dr)

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