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20.Jul.2009 (Webseite)

AROS: Another collection for Poseidon testers
After the inofficial Icaros-update under the title link there is another possibility to support Chris Hodges porting the USB-stack Poseidon as tester.

The new collection can be started like the Nightly-Builds but offers the following advantages:
  • Icaros Desktop look & feel (but no AmiStart)
  • pciusb.device compiled with debug level 5 enabled
  • More programs inside (but less than in Icaros Desktop Live)
  • All you need to communicate over the Internet, including OWB, SimpleMail and WookieChat
  • Some debug logs created at startup
Please note that this is not an Icaros-update. Users of Icaros which already use the mentioned inofficial update instead should download the pciusb.device (35 KB) and copy it to SYS:Devs/USBhardware. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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