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Edgar Schwan (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Game package for AmiCygnix available
A game package for AmiCygnix with in all 22 games is now available in OS4-depot. Most of the them are board and card games but some action games are included as well:
  • The ace of Penguins: A collection of simple solitaire games
  • BomberClone (Bomberman-clone with network support, screenshot)
  • GLightOff
  • gSoko (Sokoban)
  • gTans (Tangram-game)
  • GtkAtlantic (like Monopoly - with network support, screenshot)
  • Sudoku-Savant
  • XaoS (Fractal-Explorer)
  • XEmeraldia (Tetris-version)
  • XGalaga (Shoot'em up)
  • XLightOff
  • XMahjongg (screenshot)
  • xtris (Multiplayer-Tetris with network support)
Except the games included in "The ace of Penguins" (screenshot) all other games can be also installed seperately.

Download: amicygnix-games.lha (48 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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