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WHDLoad: New packages until 05.10.2009
With WHDLoad you can install games and scene demos on your harddrive which were originally written for disks. Additionally several incompatibilities with newer Amiga-models are fixed.

The following installers have been added, improved or updated:
  • 05.10.2009 improved: Pang (Ocean) access fault removed (Info)
  • 01.10.2009 improved: Perihelion (Psygnosis) access fault fixed (Info)
  • 16.09.2009 new: Gnome Ranger (Level 9) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 12.09.2009 improved: No Buddies Land (Expose Software/Eternal Productions) fixed access faults in music replay code, updated installer script (Info,Image)
  • 09.09.2009 improved: Zeewolf (Binary Asylum) updated installer script (Info)
  • 02.09.2009 improved: Castles (Interplay) access fault fix enhanced (Info)
  • 02.09.2009 improved: Apidya (Kaiko) removed smc in tfmx7v replay, updated installer script (Info)
  • 25.08.2009 new: Atom Smasher (David Papworth) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 25.08.2009 fixed: Might & Magic III - Isles of Terra (New World Computing) savegames hopefully finally fixed (Info)
  • 13.08.2009 new: Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 13.08.2009 improved: Might & Magic III - Isles of Terra (New World Computing) problems with map in dungeon of fauntain head (and maybe others) fixed (Info)
  • 13.08.2009 improved: 1869 (Max Design) supports another german version (Info)
  • 04.08.2009 improved: Dalek Attack (Alternative) gfx sprite bugs fixed, access fault fixed, "division by zero" errors removed (Info)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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