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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: Keymap Switcher Keymap.sbar 20.5
Keymap.sbar is a plugin for the screen titlebar and allows comfortable switching between multiple keymaps without having to open MorphOS' System Preferences each time. It requires at least MorphOS 2.1 and 200 KB free hard disk space.

  • Support for MorphOS and legacy (AmigaOS 3.1) keymaps
  • A configurable keymap selection
  • Beautiful hand-pixeled images in two sizes (automatically chosen depending on screen titlebar height) for each known MorphOS and legacy keymap
  • Hotkeys for opening the quick selection menu and for cycling between activated keymaps
  • Quick launching of Keystroke for character overview and selection
  • Fully localized.


Following a brief list of all changes since the first public beta release (version 20.3).
  • Fixed two NULL reads which could occour if Keyboard.conf didn't existed (thanks to Nicolas Sallin for spotting)
  • Defer keymap scanning; do it on demand rather than init (avoids triggering a random bug/ race issue in certain versions of IPrefs when Keymap.sbar is enabled at boot time already)
  • Do not load config two times on init.
  • Added a configurable hotkey to trigger opening of menu
  • Added a configurable hotkey to cycle between active keymaps
  • Localization
  • Added help bubbles to preference page options
  • German translation
  • Installer now checks if Keymap.sbar is active already and verifies version and revision of (a possible already installed) Keymap.sbar
  • Updated documentation
(cg) (Translation: cg)

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