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14.Dec.2009 (Webseite)

Lawsuit: settlement agreement between Amiga and Hyperion published
In October, Hyperion had announced that it had reached an agreement with Amiga Inc. regarding the rights to AmigaOS 4. A few days ago, the actual settlement agreement between both parties has been published in the court archives as part of the judge's recent order to accept the agreement and close the case.

The most important points of the agreement are:
  1. Hyperion is the sole owner of the operating system they are distributing, excluding the parts derived from AmigaOS 3.1 - for which Hyperion will get a new licence from Amiga Inc. (see below)
  2. While Amiga Inc. is described as the "sole owner of the software 'AmigaOS 3.1'", they exclusively license most rights associated with the product to Hyperion, including the right to sell AmigaOS licenses to other parties.
  3. Amiga Inc. may only distribute AmigaOS 3.1 bundled with "gaming content" - and only as long as it is not modified and the user interface of AmigaOS is never shown to the user. An example mentioned in the contract is a retro games console, but the games/WinUAE bundles distributed through Amiga's shop would also fit this description.
  4. Hyperion now has an exclusive license to the "Amiga OS" and "AmigaOne" trademarks. Both parties may use the "Boingball" on their products.
  5. Existing licensees (e.g. Cloanto) are not concerned with this agreement.
The agreement, which is signed by Bill McEwen for Amiga und Evert Carton for Hyperion, does not describe what kind of compensation - if any - Amiga Inc. recieves in return. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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