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23.Dec.2009 (Webseite)

Twitter-Client: AmiTwitter 0.23 for AmigaOS 3 and MorphOS
AmiTwitter (screenshot, documentation) is an open-source, MUI-based client for Twitter.

The latest beta version offers the following features:
  • Sends Tweets and Direct Messages on the Twitter network
  • Downloads Following Tweets Timeline (and images)
  • Downloads @Replies; Retweets of me, by me and to me
  • Downloads Public Timeline (Random Tweets just for fun...)
  • Displays the most recent Tweets that you have sent
  • Displays the most recent Tweet by all friends and followers (currently via User ID only)
  • Follow/Unfollow, Block/Unblock specified Users
  • Receive/Stop receiving SMS messages from Users
  • Update your Twitter website profile; view Favorites, and view Users currently Blocking (currently via User ID only)
  • Display most recent Tweet for any User (whether following them or not)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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