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Papiosaur (ANF)

MorphOS: Pack Ultimate 1.6.1
Press release The French website is pleased to announce the immediate availability of pack Ultimate 1.6.1 for MorphOS 2.5 (registered or not).

This pack is not official, it will allow you to quickly and effortlessly obtain a more complete MorphOS environment. Included features are: mail, chat, calendar, address book, music and video players, drawing software, photo organizer, E-UAE integration in Ambient and GetVideo integration in OWB (via contextual menu) and much more.

Feel free to give your suggestions, contributions, translations to the following address: papiosaur2 [at] - thanks for your participation to this project!

Components that have been updated in version 1.6.1:
  • OWB 1.9
  • SCANdal 1.4 beta
  • MPlayer (20/07/10)
  • VNC Server 1.0RC5
  • sbar Keymap 20.12
  • LoView 1.86 und LoViewThumb
  • NList 0.107
  • Fortis 1.1
  • ThunderSlash
Download: installpack.lha (234 KB) (snx)

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