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Software-News until 06.09.2010

MorphOS: MagicalInk 0.52

Carsten Siegner has published an update of his vector graphic editor MagicalInk:
  • Toolbars can be opened with the Start
  • Autoclosing the toolbar can be turned off
  • First beta version of MagicalInk-guide
  • Bugfix: MUI-class TheBar.mcc is no longer searched

Download: upd.lha (1,3 MB)

AmigaOS 4: ClipDown 3.1

ClipDown is an addition to the AmigaOS-4-version of the browser OWB. Changes in version 3.1:
  • Included new icon from Martin (Mason) Merz. Thanks Martin!
  • Added "Snapshot Screen" selected to Tools menu. (5 seconds to pick screen.)
  • Added version number to window title
  • Fixed bug where getvideo STARTMODE tooltype settngs were not recognized

Source codes of Eye Viewer SE2 released

The sources of the picture viewer Eye Viewer SE 2.0 (screenshot) was released under the GPL because the author of the program has lost interest in Amiga.

Download: EV-CodeOS4.lha (66 KB)

AmigaOS 4: Sirena Player 1.07

Sirena Player is an audio player written with Hollywood which can play MP3, WAV and MOD files. Version 1.07 includes now a Greek translation. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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