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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Firewire-Stack Helios 0.4.560
Guillaume 'Yomgui' Roguez has published a new beta version of his firewire-stack for MorphOS 2.x on Aminet. This version was completely rewritten to get a similar design and API like the USB-Stack Poseidon. Therefore existing installations have to be removed first. A graphical user-interface will follow.

If a compatible SBP2-device was connected (external harddrive, CD-ROM) it is automatically established with the sbp2.class. If this should not work the MorphOS commands Mount and UnitControl can be used as well.

Any feedback of testers is very welcome. Known bugs:
  • Oxford ATA bridges (911/935 families) are known to not work after 2339 ORBs send from the computer. Afterwards a bus reset is needed to continue
  • Having multiple SBP2 devices on the same bus has not been really tested
  • Other kind of devices are not supported yet (more classes needed)
  • Code efficiency is not the first goal, so don't be surprised to see USB speed higer than FW! Especially when the client software doesn't request data enough per IO command
Download: Helios_0.4-svn_r560.lha (166 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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