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15.Oct.2010 (Webseite)

OnyxSoft: CodeAudio 3.03, NewWBPattern 1.1
OnyxSoft has published two updates. CodeAudio is a graphical user-interface for MP3 and further encoders (flac, faad, ogg) which helps you converting CDs into MP3-files.

NewWBPattern changes the background picture of the Workbench and offers in version 1.1 an optional path if you do not want to use ENV/ENVARC.

Changes in CodeAudio 3.03 since 3.01:
  • Now setting the execute file protection bit after installing Lame or updating CodeAudio. This is needed on the JXFS file system
  • The Extra High setting in the Wizard used the standard instead of extreme VBR setting
  • Fixed the shell output flag in the wizard which was not synched with the flag in the Prefs
  • Fixed a wierd bug which made it necessary to sometimes click twice on the Finish button in the wizard
  • Remove a stupid question which could pop up at the end of the wizard
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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