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AROS: Progress of 68k-Port
From now on the maintainer of WinUAE, Toni Wilen, will support Jason McMullan porting the open-source operating system AROS to Motorola's 680x0-architecture.

The latest progress is based on the "Franken-ROM" which includes the AROS-Exec and other original components of Kickstart 3.0 with which for the first time a disk-block could be read and a boot screen animation displayed (title link).

According to Toni Wilen the following components were finished:
  • disk.resource (trackdisk.device)
  • cia.resource (CIA interrupts)
  • potgo.resource (mouse 2nd/3rd button)
  • trackdisk.device (currently read-only, based on PC driver, large big rewrite required, no disk.resource use, was very PC controller specific)
  • amiga mouse hidd
  • amiga keyboard hidd
In the forum of AROS-Exec you can find further details to the development and the way hot it will go on. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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