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21.Dec.2010 (Webseite)

A-EON spilled the beans about X1000-processor - with a cake (Update)
A-EON announced the X1000 but without naming the used processor. Many users thought over which PowerPC-CPU A-EON will use. The PA6T produced by the company P.A.Semi - which now belongs to Apple - was one of the possibilities. But this processor is not available on the free market thus it was not very likely.

Thom Holwerda who is chief editor of the English-language news site was one of those Sceptics. He was completely certain that he said he would eat his socks if A-EON will use PA6T.

Officially A-EON has not announced any news. But yesterday Holwerda got an interesting package: A cake with the socks of Thom Holwerda. Despatcher: "Trevor Dickinson, A-EON Technology"

Update: (12:00, 22.12.10, snx)
Meanwhile A-EON has also officially confirmed that the chosen processor is P.A. Semi's PA6T-1682M:

London 21st December 2010

A-EON Technology is pleased to finally reveal the identity of the mystery CPU powering the AmigaOne X1000. It's none other than the uber cool PWRficient PA6T processor developed by fabless chip designer PA Semi. The PA6T-1682M is a high performance, low power, cool running dual-core, 64-bit, 2GHZ Power CPU specifically designed for embedded industrial and military applications. PA Semi was acquired by Apple in 2008 and all the indications were that they purchased the company for the technology and planned to shut down the PA Semi product line. However, following demand from military and industrial users, Apple agreed to continue supplying chips to pre-existing PA Semi customers for a limited time period. Fortunately Varisys, our hardware partner, had a long-standing relationship with PA-Semi and we were able to secure a supply of PA6T CPUs for the AmigaOne X1000 project, making it the first and most probably the last desktop computer based on the unique PA-Semi CPU technology as Apple have now closed down the PA-Semi product line.

After reading a statement by Thom Holwerda, the Managing Editor of OSNews website announced in an forum, "I can assure you all, with 110% certainty, that the X1000 will NOT carry a processor from PA Semi. If it turns out it does, I will eat my socks and post the video as proof", we decided to give him an exclusive on revealing the identity of the AmigaOne X1000 CPU. Rather than issuing the usual staid press release and forcing Thom to eat his own socks we decided to take pity on him and shipped him a special cake decorated with a pair of edible "Boing Ball" socks with a note saying the cake was a gift from A-EON Technology. Read Holwerda's exclusive report on OSnews.

Special thanks go to premier Amiga developer Davy Wentzler who helped to coordinate the production and delivery of the special "Boing Ball" sock cake.

A-EON Technology CVBA (cg) (Translation: dr)

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