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Pegasosforum (Forum)

MorphOS: IceFileSystem 2.2
Version 2.2 of the IceFileSystem was published which includes bug fixes for ixemul and YAM. IceFS is a 64-Bit filesystem for MorphOS.

The filesystem is Shareware and will start to slow down the more it is used. After 300 sold keyfiles it will be released as Freeware.

  • Problem with ixemul fixed (SDK2 stuff works now)
  • Bug introduced in 2.1: Trying to delete non existant file could in some cases (io error for example) cause all kinds of weird problems - fixed
  • Cleaned up FSFormat GUI a bit
  • Added some safety guards to IceCheck regarding circular links
  • Bug regarding NewReadLink() and hardlinks fixed
  • Some fixes in action_rename_object
  • A YAM incompability in action_exmaine_all() fixed
  • A few smaller things
Download: icefs202.lha (208 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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