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12.May 2011
Amiga Future (Webseite)

WHDLoad: New packages until 11.05.2011
With WHDLoad you can install games and scene demos on your harddrive which originally were delivered on disks. Additionally several incompatibilities mit newer Amiga models were fixed.

The following installers have been added or updated since our last message:
  • 11.05.2011 fixed: Moonstone (Mindscape) other games releases are working again (Info)
  • 10.05.2011 new: Megademo 2 (Disorder) done by Dr Cinicus (Info,Image)
  • 07.05.2011 new: Mega Motion (Extend Design/Black Legend) done by Don Adan (Info)
  • 06.05.2011 improved: Moonstone (Mindscape) sound improved on faster hardware, intro skip added, uses less memory, item init fixed on uae (Info)
  • 05.05.2011 new: Locomotion (KingSoft) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 27.04.2011 new: Turrican demo (Rainbow Arts) done by Psygore (Info,Image)
  • 27.04.2011 fixed: Lost In Mine (MarkSoft) soundfx correctly played now (Info)
  • 12.04.2011 new: Lost In Mine (MarkSoft) done by Psygore (Info)
  • 05.04.2011 updated: Never Ending Story 2 (Linel) keyboard routine fixed, trainer improved, blitter waits configurable (Info)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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