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31.May 2011 Server migration finished, team changes
Meanwhile the announced server migration was finished. We would like to thank our both technicans Sven Drieling and Philippe Bourdin.

With the migration our former publisher Nico Barbat left the team of Eight years ago he had taken the responsibility from the founder Petra Struck. Without his engagement would not exist in the current way. We would like to thank him for his longtime support.

We also say good bye to a second member: Marc Albrecht who worked for the former Amiga dealer ACT has hosted the news for more than ten years. We would like to thank him as well.

This is the current team of

Christoph Gutjahr (cg): Editorial staff, Publisher
Martin Heine (snx): Editorial staff, Publisher
Daniel Reimann (dr): English translation
Carsten Schröder (cs): Newsticker
Philippe Bourdin (pab): Technician
Sven Drieling (sd): Technician

From now on is on a server of the Aminet-team. We would like to thank Nicolas Mendoza for his support.

If you want to support our team then you are very welcome. Please send a eMail to (cg) (Translation: dr)

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