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Gero Birkenfeld (ANF)

iBatch: Slideshow Builder / Addslideshow-Plugin
Gero Birkenfeld wrote: With Slideshow Builder you can create slideshows for any picture direcdtory. Slideshow Builder works as programm (standalone) as well as plugin for iBatch from version 1.1 (Screenshot).

The wizard.library is requzired und therefore I recommend to download all files via the iBatch-website under the title link.

Example for AmigaOS 4 or Winodws: Unpack the archive and start the programm "slideshow" in directory SSBuilder/Example.

Quickstart for your slideshow:
0) Possibly install wizard.library
1) Unpack the archive and start the programm "addslideshow-plugin" in directory SSBuilder/SlideshowBuilder
2) Choose your directory of pictures (e.g. SSBuilder/Example)
3) In listview choose e.g. "staticshow"
4) Choose your solution, e.g. 640x480
5) Choose your destination system(s)
6) Confirm the requester with OK
7) Go to the destination directory and start the Slideshow-progamm (snx) (Translation: dr)

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